We are well into 2018 and seeing the trends in decorating our homes for the year. With fall just around the corner, are you considering making some changes around your Northern Virginia home? Perhaps you’re planning to purchase a new couch, add some accessories, or even remodel a room before the Halloween candy and pumpkin pies make their appearances in your home! Well, there are some interesting materials that many are incorporating into their interior designs this year, and you may enjoy checking into how you could work them into your plans.


If you are thinking about relaxing on some new furniture, consider the soft, plush feel of velvet. The rich colors and luxurious feel of this material are attracting a great deal of attention in 2018. A new sofa could be an elegant addition to your living room, or maybe you would even like to add an accent piece. This year, mustard yellow is popular for adding a little splash as an accent color.


Natural elements are also trending as consumers are bringing some of the outdoors inside. The natural fibers of rattan and raffia are choices for both indoor and outdoor seating as well as storage pieces or accessories. Also, dark woods are a current choice for furniture throughout the home, providing a luxurious atmosphere, replacing the bleached furniture that has been popular in the past.


Are some kitchen or bathroom updates in your plans? Natural stone is popular in kitchen sinks for an easy-to-clean and built-to-last structure. Marble has become an often-selected material for countertops, tabletops, tiles, and accent pieces. And if you are considering a new countertop, think about the popular and durable “terrazzo,” a composite material that is available in an endless array of colors!


Another way people are bringing the outdoors inside is through concrete. This industrial material is not just for your driveway anymore! While it is being poured for patios and firepits outside the home, it is coming inside to create fireplaces, tops of end tables and coffee tables, and accent pieces such as lamps. So, if you are looking for a strong material that is built to last, concrete could be the choice for you!


While you may already be thinking about your autumn decorations and the best spots to place your pumpkins, it’s not too late to consider making some changes around your home to catch on to some of this year’s popular trends. So, grab that pumpkin latte and research your next home accessory or improvement project!


Robin Butler, Your friend in the real estate business