Working from home is becoming more popular every day. Not including those that are self-employed, the telecommuting workforce has grown 115% since 2005 when it came on the radar. When you add in the self-employed and those with side gigs, that’s a lot of people working from home.


Do you work from your Fairfax County, VA home? If so, have you checked to make sure you don’t need a permit? In many cities and counties, there are specific rules about working from home in a residential area.


I can’t offer you any legal advice, but here’s the gist of what the web says for Fairfax County. In Fairfax County, it seems you can do most any clerical/computer type of job from home. The main concern is that the home still “appears” residential so no signs, storage, etc.If there’s anything that takes special equipment, monster trucks, and/or clients visiting your home, you will need additional types of permits for those occupations.


They have a great list on the county website of what they consider “home occupations” and the form to get the official permission. It’s only $50 so it’s certainly not a burden for anyone running a business.


They do have two different classifications so you need to be sure you are applying for the correct one:


Home Occupations: are things like clerical and artistic businesses. (This is what is mentioned above.)

Home Professional Offices: are people like therapists, accountants, etc. that would have clients visiting the home. They ask that if you have a home professional office, you call them to get a special permit. For that, you can contact the Zoning Evaluation Division of the Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-324-1290, TTY 711 for further information.


Here’s an interesting statistic to leave you with regarding working from home:


The percent of female and male telecommuters is almost equal.52% of all telecommuting employees are female (compared to their 48% of the entire workforce in the United States).This statistic helps disprove the theory that more females work from home when they become mothers.(


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